Our competent teams of Data Scientists and Computer Vision experts have been developing vision-based Deep Learning solutions for industries such as Entertainment, Media, Sports, Sustainable travel, Green commute and Smart cities.

Autunomous, eBikes, eScooties, AI, Automobile, computer vision

Autonomous 4 wheeler cars and 2 wheeler eBikes & eScooties

Aimlytics is making machine learning and AI in automobile industry possible with high-quality training data sets for Computer Vision which will help in self-driving both 4 & 2-wheeler with best level of accuracy.

Video Morphing, translate, face to face

Video Morphing to match desired language

Aimlytics is developing a new AI model that has face to face translation and lip sync capabilities to translate video from one language to another with great accuracy.

Semantic Language, translators, sentiments, human-in-the-loop

Semantic Language Translation

Aimlytics current research includes developing translators that helps analyzing the audio, offering human-in-the-loop solution to determine the sentiments, emotions and intentions behind the statement.

Automatic dubbing, speak naturality, canonical voice, automated dubbing

Automated dubbing from source language to destination language

Aimlytics has developed algorithms that does the automated dubbing from source to target languages, with a fine-tuned translation and speak naturality using the same canonical voice.

Remote Video, Group Video Watching, Private  social media

Remote Group Video Watching with a private social media experience

Aimlytics is creating a platform which lets you share a virtual loft apartment/room and drive in theatre with your friends. The service also lets users chat with each other in real-time via text and video calls embedded in it.